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The ten most serious cyber crimes and data breaches to date

People are often quick to adapt – now we don’t seem to blink an eyelid when we read news about another hacked server and the loss of a few million records of personal data. Only the most spectacular…

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SSL: Still Secure When Configured Correctly

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL ) protocol is under attack: in recent months, a succession of vulnerabilities and successful breaches have raised questions about the effectiveness of this ubiquitous…

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Is Industry 4.0 Ready for the Ransomware Threat?

Ransomware is the latest trend in criminal malware. It infects computers, encrypts data and demands a ransom payment in the form of bitcoins. The encryption is so strong that it has not yet been…

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How Far Does Your Cybersecurity Umbrella Extend?

Network administrators: No matter how impenetrable you think your network defenses are, there are always going to be remote access vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity of your walls. Often,…


SSL Myths and Mobile Devices

Since posting our series on SSL myths, some people have asked how these SSL vulnerabilities apply to mobile phones. While mobile phones and other handheld devices are mistakenly considered relatively…

FDE and VPN: Don't Throw out the Security Baby with the Legacy Bathwater, Part 1

By Cameron Laird

FDE and VPN: Don't Throw out the Security Baby with the Legacy Bathwater, Part 1

By Cameron Laird

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How to Keep Businesses Safe from Security Breaches

By Sylvia Rosen

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“Taking Precautions at Black Hat is Always Good”

Black Hat 2011 has kicked off in steamy Las Vegas (highs over 100 this week!). But Black Hat isn’t about the weather, it’s about the hacking. And there will be hacking. ZDNet has already rounded up…

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What Annoys You about Remote Access? Part 1

The world of remote access is, no doubt, a complicated one. On one hand, we can’t imagine life without it – and on another – it sometimes feels like the bane of every IT administrator’s existence. So,…