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Connected Car Data Privacy Goes on Trial

Modern cars know more about us than we might imagine. From driving habits to information about places we’ve visited and even our music tastes, much of the information our cars gather every day is very…

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Software Holds the Key to Connected Car Security

Software is fast becoming the most important component of the modern car. Already, digital engineering advances that enhance attributes like fuel efficiency, engine management and in-car entertainment…

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Connected cars: fresh safety hazards on the road ahead

Advances in connected car technology are set to radically alter the future of driving for everyone. Among the promised benefits is the ability for cars to ‘learn’ from each other, provide early…

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The Lessons of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

For 11 years now, the U.S. government has recognized October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While the original goal may have been to acknowledge the growing risks that cyberthreats pose to national…

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SXSW: Three Cybersecurity, Remote Access Takeaways from Austin

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Are Connected Cars on a Collision Course with Network Security?
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Are Connected Cars on a Collision Course with Network Security?

Flipping through any consumer publication that rates vehicles, you'll see all the metrics you would expect – from safety and performance (acceleration, braking, etc.) to comfort, convenience and fuel…

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Vehicle VPNs, Part Two: Business World Implications

In recent years, remote access security has become a major focus of IT departments in businesses small and large. The rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablet computers, the…

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Vehicle VPNs, Part One: The ‘Connected Car’

The “connected car.” Up until this point, such a phrase never really resonated with people the way it does now. Most would think it referred to environmentally-focused electric cars that you recharge…