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‘Tis the Season: Why Cyberattackers Set their Sights on the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is back again and now in full gear. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off the annual frenzy, shoppers are already rummaging through department stores or scouring…


Missing the Forest for the Trees: How Cyberattacks in the News Can Mask the Threat to SMBs [VIDEO]

Cyberattacks and data breaches have been making headlines more and more these last few years. Whether it was the 40 million customer credit and debit cards stolen from Target in 2013, the major email…

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The Risk Within: Could an Ex-Employee Be Responsible for the Sony Hack?

One month ago, we asked, "What network security lessons can we learn from the Sony attack?" Since then, new information has been slow to trickle out, save for the FBI's mid-December statement that…

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What Network Security Lessons Can We Learn from the Sony Attack?

Hollywood is a place that can be driven mad by star-studded gossip, where the talk of the town is rarely private and where people are accustomed to their secrets not staying secret for very long. Yet,…

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No Quick Fixes for Home Depot After Record Cyberattack

Home Depot fixes America's household problems. If you're planning a do-it-yourself project, whether it's repairing a leaky faucet or installing new linoleum flooring, you're probably going to visit a…

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The Next 'Black Swan' Event: A Cyberattack?

Sprinkled throughout the course of history are flashpoints that were as unexpected as they were far-reaching. Catastrophic events like the September 11 attacks come immediately to mind, but so too…