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Cybersecurity Isn’t Generational: Why Millennials May Not Be the Tech Hope of the Future

Of all the assumptions made and beliefs held about millennials, one of the most common is that they’re uniquely tech-savvy. After all, this is the first generation to grow up being exposed first to…

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The Lessons of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

For 11 years now, the U.S. government has recognized October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While the original goal may have been to acknowledge the growing risks that cyberthreats pose to national…

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White House Turns Attention to Cybersecurity

Cyberattackers and hackers operate in the shadows, lurking away from where conventional law enforcement can easily identify and investigate them. They prefer secrecy and anonymity.

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Battlefield Mobile: Threats Targeting In-Motion Endpoints Climbed in 2014

By now, cybersecurity veterans are well-versed in the most common attack vectors exploited by hackers to breach their corporate networks. Brute force attacks, phishing schemes, SQL injections –…

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The Trouble with the Endpoint

Much to the dismay of network administrators, IT security today is complex and multi-faceted, from the varied attack vectors to the different types of attackers themselves. But there is always one…

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
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Network Security for CIOs: A Marathon or a Sprint?

The crack of the starting gun has very different meanings for runners, depending on the distance of their race. To marathoners, it means to start conserving their energy as they take the first step in…

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
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The Next 'Black Swan' Event: A Cyberattack?

Sprinkled throughout the course of history are flashpoints that were as unexpected as they were far-reaching. Catastrophic events like the September 11 attacks come immediately to mind, but so too…

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'BadUSB' Malware Leaves Terrible Taste at Black Hat 2014

If awards were given out at Black Hat 2014, one nominee for "Exploit of the Conference" would have won in a runaway – the "BadUSB" exploit.

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Poor Communication Leads to Defeat on the Network Security Battlefield

In September 1862, the 27th Indiana Infantry Regiment, situated near Frederick, Maryland, made a discovery that could have altered the Civil War. It all began without much fanfare. Two soldiers…

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Government Network Security Failures Led to Remote Access Breaches

As technology advances, the number of cyber-attacks on both public and private networks also increases. According to the Washington Post, in 2013 alone, more than 3,000 enterprises were notified of…