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What’s in a Name? The ABCs of Mobile Device Management

BYOD? CYOD? Given the slew of acronyms flying around mobile device management (which, of course, goes by the acronym “MDM”), you’d be forgiven for losing track of what some of these actually stand…

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The BYOD Backlash: Enterprises Search for a New Mobile Device Management Standard

If corporate Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies are intended to be an acceptable compromise between employees and employers, why do both parties seem to be so consistently displeased with them?


5 Ways to Keep Your Data Secure While Traveling to Interop NY

By Patrick Oliver Graf, General Manager, Americas of NCP engineering

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Expert Q&A: How do I deal with personal data on business mobile devices?

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Q&A: What to consider when choosing an MDM system

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SearchNetworking: NCP Explains Mobile Device Management v. Enterprise Application Stores

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Interop 2011: Video Interview with Joanie Wexler

At the show, we had the chance to speak to Joanie Wexler, a regular contributor to Network World's Wireless Alert column. We talked to Joanie about mobile device management issues that are emerging at…