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Risk to Business Travelers’ Data Grows

Business travel is a fertile hunting ground for hackers. Sensitive company data is seldom more at risk than when employees are on the road. The travel sector is notoriously susceptible to large scale…

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Software Holds the Key to Connected Car Security

Software is fast becoming the most important component of the modern car. Already, digital engineering advances that enhance attributes like fuel efficiency, engine management and in-car entertainment…

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Threats at Public Hotspots

Germany is reported to be increasingly left behind in terms of digitization in public spaces. The reason: There are just not enough hotspots available. A political decision has now been taken to…

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Open Haus: Automatic Hotspot Logon

If you were a hacker targeting a network, which would be most appealing – a network contained in a residential building, an office or corporate facility, or a public place?

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Staying Secure at Trade Shows

By Nicholas Greene

Myth 6: RSA SecurID provides a secure connection.

Today’s SSL myth tackles the topic of RSA SecurID. The prevailing myth is that RSA SecurID provides a secure connection - but of course, this isn't so.  The RSA SecurID token authentication system is…

FDE and VPN: Don't Throw out the Security Baby with the Legacy Bathwater, Part 1

By Cameron Laird

FDE and VPN: Don't Throw out the Security Baby with the Legacy Bathwater, Part 1

By Cameron Laird

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Why You Need a VPN that Supports Seamless Roaming

By Sylvia Rosen


Safe computing in the mobile age, part 2: What costs dominate?

Editor's Note: This is a second in a two-part series. Part 1 focused on the mobile landscape.