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March Feature of the Month: Seamless VPN Roaming

Our Feature of the Month series is back with a new installment: seamless VPN roaming. This ties directly into February’s highlighted feature, integrated support of 3G/LTE cards.

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Expert Q&A: Preventing Mobile Hacking: Must You Take Precautions?

*Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in TechTarget’s 

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Conducting Secure Transactions On-the-go with VPNs

By Patrick Oliver Graf, General Manager, NCP engineering

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VPNs and Data Center Efficiency

By Nicholas Greene


New Android IPsec VPN Clients boost corporate productivity of mobile workers

A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article showed that mobile workers within an organization can actually boost overall corporate productivity. However, retaining security and control of the network,...

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Executive Q&A On Data Security

Today, Rainer Enders, VPN expert and CTO of Americas at NCP engineering, addresses how IT and data management executives can properly protect their corporate data.

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February Feature of the Month: Integrated Support for 3G/LTE Cards, Part One

With workforce mobility on the rise, remote employees are consistently in the market for easy-to-use VPN solutions that can safely connect their mobile devices to the corporate network. And given...

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NCP engineering Supports Microsoft Windows Users’ Evolving Remote Access Needs

Organizations tasked with safely connecting their employees to the corporate network are under pressure to not only accommodate various devices, but also offer multi-platform support. In fact,...

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Q&A On SSL VPNs, Part One: Rainer Enders

This is part one in our Q&A series on SSL VPNs.

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NCP engineering Named Finalist in Info Security Products Guide’s 2013 Global Excellence Awards

NCP engineering is proud to announce that it has been named a finalist in the IPsec/SSL/VPN category of Info Security Products Guide’s 2013 Global Excellence Awards. The NCP Secure Enterprise Solution...

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