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Modern working desk with digital tablet
Rethink Remote Access · VPN

Seamless Roaming or Always On: The Remote Access VPN Feature Digital Nomads May Be Missing

In remote working environments, the Digital Nomad isn't tied to a desk or cubicle, but he has close relationships with his coworkers. The Digital Nomad works exclusively from mobile devices that...

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Mobile · VPN

Open Haus: Automatic Hotspot Logon

If you were a hacker targeting a network, which would be most appealing – a network contained in a residential building, an office or corporate facility, or a public place?

Remote Office
Industry Commentary · Posts · VPN

OPM Breach Shows Need for 'Nimble' Government Network Security

No matter how you look at it, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is on the hook for revealing the records of millions of Americans. The only question is how many millions.

2 Factor Authentication · VPN

[WEBINAR] Two-Factor Authentication for Tighter VPN Security

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Endpoint Management · VPN

NCP Channel Alliance Partner Program Takes Center Stage at Channel Link 2015

Given that three in four executives now say Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives pose the greatest security risk to their companies, it shouldn't be surprising that companies have tasked their IT...

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
2 Factor Authentication · VPN

Why Two-Factor Authentication is Too Important to Ignore

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
Rethink Remote Access · VPN

When Remote Access Becomes Your Enemy

As convenient as it would be for businesses to have all their IT service providers working on-site, just down the hall, that’s not always possible. That’s why secure remote access is a component...

Shellshock Leaves Deep Impact on Network Security
Industry Commentary · IPsec · IT policy · VPN

Shellshock Leaves Deep Impact on Network Security

For the last 30 years, a common line of code found in a piece of software has quietly been a dormant security vulnerability – but now, news of the exploit has gone public, sending the network security...

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
Industry Commentary · IT policy · VPN

Industry 4.0: Flexible Production Needs Secure Networking

As we sit on the edge of the fourth industrial revolution, businesses are preparing for sweeping technological changes that will impact their production. Governments around the world, particularly...

Remote Access VPNs For Dummies
IT policy · VPN

It's Time for Retailers to Tell Point-of-Sale Hackers to 'Back Off'

It's Groundhog Day all over again for retailers, following the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's warning that they could, once again, be exploited by malicious actors.

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