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People’s Online Privacy Protection Matters

The pressure on social media companies to ensure better privacy protection for users looks set to become a recurring hot button in 2019. News of data leaks and information breaches continue to dog...

Rethink Remote Access

Google’s ‘Android for Work’ BYOD Solution Requires VPN

Although Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not hitting the front page on a weekly basis anymore, it is still relevant. The hype may be over, but enterprises are now working to find practical remote...

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eWeek Explains How NCP’s VPN Client Supports Android BYOD Security

Enterprises know they’ll have happier employees if they embrace BYOD rather than prohibit it. Welcoming BYOD can be better for business output, too—the trick is to find the tools that keep employees...

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Making the Rounds at Interop NY

We are here at Interop New York at booth #831, so feel free to drop by and say hello to the NCP engineering team -- including many familiar faces and names from VPN Haus. Not only will you be able...

Expert Q&A

Conversation with Thomas Cannon on Android Security, Part 3

VPN Haus continues its conversation with Thomas Cannon, a security researcher who made news last month when he discovered a vulnerability on the Android OS that could make devices susceptible to data...

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