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Endpoint Management · Rethink Remote Access

Ex-Employees: All the Best, But Can We Have Our Personal Emails Back, Please?

It doesn’t matter if employees leave a company on unpleasant terms or quite amicably – it is absolutely essential that enterprises have solid, well-defined termination processes in place, and that...

Endpoint Management · IT policy

The Holidays Bring Both Cheer and Fear to Network Administrators

Almost one year ago to the day, the "most wonderful time of the year" became anything but for millions of Americans when news of the Target data breach broke. Not only did that attack force us all to...

Endpoint Management · IT policy

What Network Security Lessons Can We Learn from the Sony Attack?

Hollywood is a place that can be driven mad by star-studded gossip, where the talk of the town is rarely private and where people are accustomed to their secrets not staying secret for very long. Yet,...

Endpoint Management · Industry Commentary

The Trouble with the Endpoint

Much to the dismay of network administrators, IT security today is complex and multi-faceted, from the varied attack vectors to the different types of attackers themselves. But there is always one...

Endpoint Management · Mobile

3 New Year's Resolutions for Network Administrators

Although it's been a historically troubling year for the cybersecurity community, the advantage of a new year is that network administrators can make a fresh start.

7 Security Threats Your May Have Overlooked
Endpoint Management · Industry Commentary

7 Security Threats You May Have Overlooked

If there's been a silver lining to the string of devastating cyberattacks against some of the biggest organizations in the world over the last year, it's that the list of "what not to do" has...

Dollar Bill
Endpoint Management · Industry Commentary

Who Will Foot the Bill for BYOD?

The concept of "Bring Your Own Device" seems so simple. Employees can just tote their personal phone or tablet with them to the office – which they're probably doing anyway – and use it for work. Or,...

Green pen drive
Endpoint Management

'BadUSB' Malware Leaves Terrible Taste at Black Hat 2014

If awards were given out at Black Hat 2014, one nominee for "Exploit of the Conference" would have won in a runaway – the "BadUSB" exploit.

Network Security Battlefield
Endpoint Management · VPN

Poor Communication Leads to Defeat on the Network Security Battlefield

In September 1862, the 27th Indiana Infantry Regiment, situated near Frederick, Maryland, made a discovery that could have altered the Civil War. It all began without much fanfare. Two soldiers...

Endpoint Management · IT policy · Mobile

Back to BlackBerry: Frustrated Mobile Users Reject BYOD for the Former Market Leader

It's a tough time to be a BlackBerry user.  Despite having a committed fan in the Oval Office and some new features to brag about, including a digital assistant, BlackBerry has seen Android, Apple...

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