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Full points for DNS vulnerability SIGRed on the CVSS scale

Sometimes finishing with 10 out of 10 points is a reason for celebration. Unfortunately, in this case, things are different. A newly discovered vulnerability in Windows DNS servers, SIGRed has...

Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security · VPN

Segmenting networks for Industrial Control Systems

IT security is increasingly being recognized by most companies as an important aspect of IT security strategy in Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Some measures differ fundamentally from IT security...

Data Security · Endpoint Management

Time for stable and secure VPN

Market researchers are reporting divided opinion on the pros and cons of remote working. While some research reports an overwhelming majority of employees as die-hard remote working fans who never...

Cloud · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

The right way to join the Microsoft cloud

The public cloud is trending and that is a good thing. For many companies, leveraging cloud resources brings benefits – both in terms of IT flexibility and security. For example, Microsoft spends more...

Cloud · Connected Cars · Digital Signage · Internet of Things

Smart maintenance – secure communication over insecure networks

The term Internet of Things came was coined more than 20 years ago. Today, IoT has already penetrated a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail and consumer electronics. Many...

Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

Coronavirus might be here or there but the money comes from ransomware

Although the title of this post is probably not the world’s greatest contribution to rhyming poetry, it remains true. Even though the world is busy dealing with the impact of the coronavirus,...

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Remote access with privileges: Not all VPN accounts are equal

With surprising efficiency, large parts of the economy in Germany and other countries have switched employees from working in offices to working at home. Teams, Zoom, Jitsi and other tools have taken...

Cloud · Data Security

Azure security – For beginners and advanced users

When people talk about the public cloud, it doesn't take them long to namedrop the major hyperscalers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Azure in particular is catching up with Amazon in Germany and...

Cybercrime · Cybersecurity Strategy · Data Security

Phishing on behalf of the coronavirus

That's all we needed: As if the effects of coronavirus on everyday life are not bad enough, cybercriminals are now using the virus as bait in various phishing campaigns. Numerous security companies...

Cybersecurity Strategy

Working (or not) in times of COVID-19

Previously, permission to work from the home office was a high measure of trust and representative of new work attitude, today it has become a preventative measure just like regular hand washing....

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