July 2014

Endpoint Management · IT policy · Mobile

Back to BlackBerry: Frustrated Mobile Users Reject BYOD for the Former Market Leader

It's a tough time to be a BlackBerry user.  Despite having a committed fan in the Oval Office and some new features to brag about, including a digital assistant, BlackBerry has seen Android, Apple...

Endpoint Management · IT policy

Broward College Deploys a Network Security Strategy Fit for the Best and Brightest

In the 1930s, when Louis A. Simon designed the famous U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, he could only have hoped that the building would be so secure, so impenetrable, that generations of...

Endpoint Management · VPN

Are Privileged Users the ‘Weak Link’ in Your Network Security?

If a group is really only as strong as its “weakest link,” then why are so many enterprises, which are otherwise concerned about their network security, so quick to add new “links”? Every new user...

Industry Commentary · VPN

Hacks of Houston Astros, Butler University Put Network Security on Center Stage

Even though the Houston Astros have been the worst team in Major League Baseball for the last three seasons, one of the team's off-the-field accomplishments — its proprietary internal computer...

Industry Commentary · IT policy

Government Network Security Failures Led to Remote Access Breaches

As technology advances, the number of cyber-attacks on both public and private networks also increases. According to the Washington Post, in 2013 alone, more than 3,000 enterprises were notified of...

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