Conversation on Multi-Tenancy in VPNs, Part 2

von VPNHaus | 21.08.2012 |Expert Q&A, Rethink Remote Access, VPN

VPN Haus recently spoke with Rainer Enders, CTO of NCP engineering, about multi-tenancy in VPNs and its advantages. In the final post of this two-part series, we look into some of the drawbacks of multi-tenancy and what it all means for enterprise users. For part one, click here.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to deploying a multi-tenant network? What are they, and how can they be mitigated? 

Enders: The main disadvantages of multi-tenant networks come into play at the backend. Great care must be taken that data domains are not breached so that unauthorized access can occur and potentially result in data leakage. From a technical standpoint da

Q: Why are multi-tenant VPNs important to the enterprise sector? 

Enders: Multi-tenant VPNs play a key role in the service provider sector. The technology serves as a powerful enabler for cloud-based secure services, as it delivers the power and balance of operational and economical scale and efficiency without compromi

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