Automated Mobile Security, Part 1

von VPNHaus | 17.10.2012 |IT policy, Mobile, Posts

The following the first in a series of excerpts from NCP engineering's technical white paper, Automated Mobile Security:  Leveraging Trusted Network Connect (TNC) IF-MAP to provide automated security for company networks and mobile devices.

The increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs introduce new threats to enterprise IT networks. While most of the well known security programs such as desktop firewalls,  antivirus and harddrive encryption work pretty well for laptops, they are still not available for these kinds of mobile devices. The only way to keep your network secure is by providing additional security on the central IT infrastructure.

The problem is, most of today’s security systems work isolated from each other and if they offer interoperability they do so only to a limited extent, which is insufficient to counter the new threats network security faces every day. A new specification developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) strives to solve this interoperability problem with the development of IF-MAP. IF-MAP provides the possibility to interconnect different IT-security systems and provide an accurate representation of the health status of your IT network. It even can automate security responses to network  threats and enforce security without the need for human interaction.
The support for IF-MAP is steadily increasing, as more and more vendors and open source products are supporting the IF-MAP technology.

<i>Stay tuned for the next post that explains IF-MAP in more detail.</i>

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