Forward Thinking: Network Security Trends for 2011 Wrap-up

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As we gear up to dive into the second quarter of 2011, we’ll wrap up the Forward Thinking series. We’ve had some insightful predictions on network security trends for 2011, so we’ll close this series with thoughts from two more seasoned IT professionals. And now that we’ve completed the series, whose predictions for 2011 did you most agree or disagree with?

Latest analysis shows that social networking sites are the new playground for cyber criminals. Another possible attack vectors on the rise are mobile devices and applications, VoIP abuse, and client-side web attacks.

Vladimir Blaskov, System Administrator at Good Karma, Inc.

In 2009 it was the type of vulnerabilities - 'vulnerabilities in protocols and standards'. In 2010 it was the response to vulnerabilities - 'vulnerabilities in detection and prevention'. In 2011 it's going to be the overwhelming rate of vulnerabilities - 'vulnerabilities coming so fast and furious that it becomes difficult if not impossible to keep up'.

Basically it’s all the same story. People focus on 'time to market' and 'ship it' instead of 'testing' and 'security'. Those are 'revenue drains' and the former are 'revenue generators,' so as long as business runs on profit there will continue to be focus on making money and less focus on the requirements of security that are perceived as cos

, Professional computer security expert

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