Be Sure To Use a VPN at Interop


von VPNHaus | 12.04.2011 |Industry Commentary, Mobile, Rethink Remote Access

We recently talked to Glenn Evans, InteropNet’s lead engineer. InteropNet is the open WiFi network that provides connectivity to all Interop attendees and exhibitors and is one of the world’s largest temporary networks. That’s no surprise, considering Interop is one of the IT industry’s biggest conferences and expos, boasting more than 13,000 attendees. We asked Evans for his security advice for attendees of the upcoming show, which is taking place in Las Vegas from May 8 to 12.

He told us, InteropNet provides both open and WPA2 wireless networks for use by attendees and exhibitors.
“InteropNet protects its Core Systems and Services with various firewall and IDS/IPS Systems,” Evans said.  “But, general data traffic is open.”

With unencrypted traffic flowing on the networks, attendees run the risk of having data intercepted by third parties. To protect against this, Evans recommends that attendees who are planning to connect to their corporate networks or access any important information be sure they’re using a VPN.

“I’d make this recommendation to anyone attending any trade show,” Evans added.
Good advice. Readers, do you use VPNs at trade shows?

Stay tuned next week for more on Interop, including more on our chat with Evans.
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