What We're Reading, Week of 3/22

von VPNHaus | 26.03.2010 |Highlights

Gartner Blog…
Cloud Security and VPNs
Neil McDonald remembers the debate over whether or not the Internet could be securely used for remote access. He says nowadays, we take VPNs for granted. We’ve given up control of the pipe (the Internet), but it doesn’t mean we have to give up control of the data in the pipe. Neil believes the same will be true of cloud-based computing services if we do it right. We can give up control of the pipes, the servers, the data centers, the applications, etc. – as long as we keep control of the data.

Insecure about Security…
Health Care Bill, Networking and Security
John Oltsik discusses that with 2009’s Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and the recent major health reform bill that was passed in the U.S., a lot of money is currently going into health care. The health care industry is going to be increasing IT spending and will need help with security. John believes that IT vendors need to embrace a focused sales and marketing effort in the health care field.

Network World…
WiFi Poised to Supplement 3G
Joanie Wexler looks at how WiFi is spreading fast among phones and the security concern about business users moving on and off of public WiFi hotspots. Users typically running client devices without IPSec VPN software are "in the clear" with their credentials when they first connect to a public WiFi access point. While many laptops run the software, most handsets do not support IPSec VPNs. It is not yet clear how an IPSec VPN would kick in as the client switches between network types.

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