PCI DSS 2.0: Anton Chuvakin, PCI compliance expert, on what 2.0 means, Part 2

von VPNHaus | 17.11.2010 |Expert Q&A, Industry Commentary, PCI

VPN Haus continues its conversation with PCI compliance expert Anton Chuvakin about the latest updates to PCI DSS 2.0, issued late last month.

VPN Haus: Do the new standards leave too much open to merchant's interpretation?

Anton Chuvakin: This is really a $1 million-question and only practice will tell. I think the 2.0 version leave less than before to interpretation. For example, virtualization was a big question mark in many merchants' mind and now it is resolved. Many ot

VPN Haus: Do you think pushing the DSS lifecycle from 24 months to 3 years will stagnate the rate of change? Or will it allow more time to investigate and build support around necessary changes?

Chuvakin: Well, I will side with [PCI General Manager<a href="https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/organization_info/bob-russo.php"> Bob Russo</a>] on this one:  PCI DSS is getting mature enough to not need change that frequently. While some assault the s

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