Conversation with Shahid Shah on mHealth, Part 4

von VPNHaus | 21.12.2010 |Expert Q&A, HIPAA, Industry Commentary, Mobile

This week, we feature the final post in our series with Shahid Shah, an enterprise software analyst that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy modernization.  He is also founder of the popular Healthcare IT Guy blog.

VPN Haus: When we last spoke, you said mobile phones will be just a small area of mobile health. What else can we expect?

Shahid Shah: There are going to be sensors as you walk into hospitals that will be placed on you, the way band aids were placed on you. Those sensors are going to collect information and that information is going to have to be shared somehow. So this data

VPN Haus: How would this data be protected?

Shah: I would like to see smart information architectures, like patient data management, that keep the patient’s clinical data fully segregated from the patient’s ID data. So if you’re looking at a patient’s demographics, that might sit in on database sep

VPN Haus: Thank you, Shahid.

For the first three parts of Shahid’s Q&A, click here.

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