Conversation with Dr. Ruchi Dass on mHealth, Part 2

von VPNHaus | 05.10.2010 |Expert Q&A, IT policy, Rethink Remote Access

Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand, we’ve bumped Dr. Ruchi Dass’ next post earlier than it was originally scheduled.

As the Mobile Health Expo 2010 gets underway this month, we’ll feature experts on the topic of mobile health. This week, we continue our conversation with Dr. Ruchi Dass, mHealth champion and council member for the Gerson Lehrman Group, in the second of a three-part series on mhealth. Dass has been involved in specific healthcare IT, e-learning and ICT projects for the public/private sector in India.

VPN  Haus: Are there a security risk in healthcare mobility that is overrated or underrated? What are they?

Dass: Not overrated actually. Healthcare mobility is the key. As manpower is scanty in hospitals, therefore in scenarios where large volumes of background traffic needs to be sent from automated programs talking to other automatic programs, IPsec here ser

VPN Haus: What are the security concerns around sensor technology, portable medical devices and wireless health applications – and how will they be mitigated?

Dass: There are several security concerns, and hence, before we deploy mobility we need to understand that fully automated Remote Access VPN Management is necessary. Solutions should be easy to use and efficient, as well. A holistic remote access solution

Stay tuned, next week we’ll continue our conversation with Dass, discussing the IPsec’s role mobile health security. For part 1 of the series, click here.

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