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NCP has recently been selected to provide end-point security solutions for Texas-based YES Prep Public Schools.  The school’s IT manager needed a secure VPN solution that would not only allow staff access to the Intranet, but also flexibility to integrate the solution to existing and future devices and operating systems.  NCP Secure Entry Client provided 64-bit support to gain access to the network and prepared the school’s migration to Windows 7.

As we’ve blogged in the past, the need for end-point security is critical for school systems.  Security breaches do affect this market, and hackers gain access to student’s personal records, school internal documents and other confidential data.   Education institutions need to be ware and take action to protect their network, and the most effective way to this is with a VPN.

NCPs universal client provides YES’ teachers with secure and constant communications to the Intranet, where they can access lesson plans and student files immediately.  It also enables YES staff to be in contact with each other in the seven different locations.  This access is important to YES because it grants students with the quality education they deserve.  The entry client saved YES from downgrading their 64-bit machines to 32-bit; and the client will work on new operating system, Windows 7.

For more information on this issue, check out a recent article published in Processor.

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