Windows 7 ready yet for enterprise primetime?

von VPNHaus | 11.03.2009 |Posts, Rethink Remote Access, Windows 7

Recently on ZDnet, Mary Jo Foley asked: Will business users bite on Windows 7?

There's some interesting discussion taking place in the comments on this post. From a  security perspective, LiquidLearner writes:

When comparing 7 to XP you get Security, UAC, Federated Search. When you combine it with 2008 R2 you get VPN access without any hassle. Combine this with more robust policy support and software able to run without local admin privileges and it will be a big improvement. Also the malware headache is greatly reduced. VHD boot support will allow you to push images to workstations as well. Overall Vista had a lot of what 7 did, but 7 is fast with more usability improvements. To me that makes it extremely worthwhile for business.

The one holdup we can see is with DirectAccess - users who want to take advantage of this functionality will need to upgrade to the 2008 R2 server, which is not a cheap proposition by any measure! NCP, of course, encourages companies looking to deploy Win7 in the enterprise to have a look at our Secure Enterprise Solution.

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