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von VPNHaus | 11.09.2009 |Highlights

Security On The Go
Holly Dolezalek elaborates on today’s technologies and trends for mobile security—smartphones, laptops, netbooks, etc. She indicates data encryption, password protection and VPNs as ‘key points’ for securing data. Combining these three components is the best way to secure your information. Holly also provides helpful information for IT managers in enterprise settings.

Defensive Computing | ComputerWorld…
What your mother never told you about VPNs
Blogger, Michael Horowitz explains two approaches you can take to encrypt your data when using a public wireless network. One approach being “technical and human” and the other being “better and perhaps less obvious” to users, VPNs. You can use a VPN to encrypt all data coming in and out of your computer. Many people believe this option is only used in a corporate setting, however this is not the case, and Michael stresses to individual users to consider this option.

LogMeIn Pro 2 takes remote access to the next level
Scott Lowe, guest author, shares with us his thoughts and updates on the new version of LogMeIn Pro 2. While Scott finds these updates to be helpful and significant, we do not, especially for businesses. Some of the new features raises red flags to us, such as, transferring files to and from a remote computer, sharing your desktop with other users, and getting a list of currently open files—sending data over the open Internet is not a good idea. This puts companies at risk of having its information spied out and exposed.

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