What We're Reading, Week of 9/21

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It's Flu Season, Connect AND Optimize Your Workers
As businesses prepare for office closures due to H1N1 (and other potential disasters), friend of NCP, Chris Silva reflects on employees’ remote connectivity experiences and questions the influence it can have on productivity levels. In addition to speed and responsiveness, optimization is needed for remote access—this ensures employees have the adequate resources they require. Chris leaves us with some food for thought—the next time you log on remotely, ‘take note of the experience; is this the way your entire organization should be served in the event of a disaster’?

10 Must-Have Steps for an Effective SMB Information Security Program
Linda Tucci discusses The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s guide to help small businesses and organizations implement an effective information security program. It lists 10 absolutely necessary actions a small business should take to protect its information, systems and networks, along with 10 highly recommended practices. It also includes a short section on contingency and disaster recovery planning, as well as business policies for information security. This is a great resource for small businesses to turn to; do you feel these tips are valuable?

New US healthcare rules criticized by encryption experts
Agent Smith reports on the new data breach rules which became effective September 23rd. According to the HITECH Act, US health organizations that use encryption will no longer be required to notify clients of breaches. Furthermore, only HIPAA-covered healthcare providers and health plans that neglect to use encryption will be required to notify individuals about a breach. Encryption experts are criticizing this act because it puts individuals’ information at risk if such notices are not disclosed. To read more on this topic check out Information Security Resources.

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