What We're Reading, Week of 9/14

von VPNHaus | 18.09.2009 |Highlights

Cloud security through control vs. ownership
Guest writer and analyst, Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains the complexity of cloud computing security from an auditor’s point of view. As cloud computing becomes mainstream, the questions of location, ownership and control become major concerns. In response to these concerns, Andreas raises an interesting point—“We do not need to own the assets in order to exert security, anymore than we need to own the Internet in order to trust a VPN”. What are your thoughts on Andreas’ point? Do you agree or disagree?

Network Computing…
Does Windows 7 Make VPNs Obsolete?
Blogger, Alexander Wolfe describes Windows 7's DirectAccess and Windows Server 2008 R2. There are clear benefits of using the DirectAccess feature, however, if your company does not upgrade its’ sever to 2008 R2—you are out of luck. NCP Secure Entry Client does not require this upgrades, and will work with existing equipment.

Inside INTEROP Blog…
Working the Mobile Enterprise
Blogger, Curt Franklin loves his iPhone, but expresses his concern about the security issues associated with it, particularly, using it for work. With employees accessing confidential documents on their phones (and laptops), it is important to protect your information with encryption and OTP password tokens and certificates through a VPN—this way information is not spied out, and information remains private.

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