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von VPNHaus | 03.09.2009 |Highlights

Windows 7's 64-Bit Troubles
Senior analyst, Andrew Garcia, writes about PC users move to Windows 7 and 64-bit architecture. In his article, he addresses the lack of 64-bit VPN support, and the rising issues telecommuters will face without access to the network. Andrew’s article is a great read, and the readers’ comments are interesting.

Schneier on Security…
Real-World Access Control
Illustrating a real life example, Bruce Schneier discusses access control. He believes a perfect access control system just isn't possible, and organizations are just too chaotic for it. However, we’d have to disagree with Bruce on this one— NCP’s Secure Enterprise client allows the network administrator to create policies that stipulate criteria the connecting must comply with before being permitted connection. This ‘pat-down’ leverages policy enforcement on incoming connections—users that comply with policy will have access network’s resources, and users that do not will be able to take the necessary steps to reach compliance.

IDC: Most Insider Leaks are Accidents
Agent Smith shares with us a recent IDC study on security breaches and data loss, and you might be surprised at the results; 52 % of respondents characterized their insider threat incidents as predominantly accidental, while only 19% believed the threats were deliberate, and another 26 % said their insider issues were an equal combination of accidental and malicious threats. Now here is the shocking part… only 40% plan to invest in internal security. Check out Tim Wilson’s article on Dark Reading for additional information.

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