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Since this Wednesday, Amazon’s new cloud service—Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)—has been the center of media attention. It connects a company’s existing IT infrastructure to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, enabling enterprises to connect existing infrastructure to a set of isolated AWS compute resources through a VPN connection, and extending its existing management capabilities such as security services, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to include AWS resources. This new innovative service is going to make a significant mark within the industry; however many questions remain. Here are some opinions and thought-provoking posts around Amazon’s service. Stay tuned next week, and we’ll blog about the VPN side of this hot topic.

Can start-ups keep up with Amazon in the cloud?
Blogger Dave Rosenberg raises some interesting points about Amazon’s new service and its impact on start-up companies attempting to do similar things. What does this mean for new companies? How can they ‘out-do’ Amazon or even compete?

Rational Survivability
Calling All Private Cloud Haters: Amazon Just Peed On Your Fire Hydrant…
Using an excerpt from Werner Vogels’ post, Chris Huff reports on Amazon VPC and raises the issue about auditing and compliance questions.

PC World
Amazon Offers Businesses Their Own Private Cloud
Tony Bradley believes this is a step forward in securing the cloud; however, he argues that if you purchase a dedicated cloud, it means you are losing some of the cost effective benefits of the cloud. He also points out that, regardless of it being private or public, you still have to trust the provider.

Check out InformationWeek and Read Write Enterprise for additional details.

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