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von VPNHaus | 13.08.2009 |Highlights

Network access control technology: Over-hyped or underused?
In his recent article, Mike Chapple explains NAC technology and its current market. Mike is confident that NAC will undergo significant growth, and even provides a helpful checklist for IT managers, as to whether or not it’s worth deploying solutions. This article is a great resource if you are unsure if a NAC solution would be beneficial to your organization.

Essential Computer Security…
VPN’s: IPSec vs. SSL
Still confused about IPSec and SSL? Blogger, Tony Bradley presents insightful background on the on each side, and provides the pros and cons in plain English.

Schneier on Security…
Password Advice
Using an excerpt from a post that appeared on Windows Secret, Bruce Schneier shares with us Becky Waring’s advice on securing passwords and protecting secure data. Check out no. 9, “DON'T access password-protected accounts over open Wi-Fi networks — or any other network you don't trust — unless the site is secured via https. Use a VPN if you travel a lot.” Check out Bruce’s advice on Wired for choosing secure passwords.

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