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von VPNHaus | 12.06.2009 |Highlights

Rational Survivability…
Most CIO’s Not Sold On Cloud? Good, They Shouldn’t Be…
Chris Hoff reports on a study that states dearly two-thirds of CTOs and CIOs are not adopting or planning to adopt the cloud. Hoff believes people should not rush in to adopting such methods, as the cloud is an operational model, not a technology.

Is Mobile Security an Oxymoron?
Andrew Garcia tests the new iPhone mobile applications as it encrypts information through the air. Results varied, and with that Andrew suggests users take some time to consider what their device is broadcasting to anyone nearby when on Wi-Fi hot spots.

Developing Security…
Are hackers partially schizophrenic?
Justin Foster puts forth the idea hackers are partially schizophrenic (“a mere- unprovable observation”). Justin compares the two as his reasoning.

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