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Employees Couldn’t Care Less about Data Security
Gathering information from the Ponemon Institute, Agent Smith provides shocking statistics about employees and their security practices. So how does this list relate to VPNs? I’m glad you asked! Users will bypass cumbersome VPN policies if they can get away with it. Network admin’s need to look at their policies and how the technology they use supports these. Do they hinder the user? Can the user change settings? Will you be able to tell something has been changed? User education and centrally managed policy enforcement are key for VPNs.

Fixes for Wi-Fi Hotspot Annoyances
Are you always on the go? Do you get frustrated with WiFi? Eric Geier provides travelers tips when connecting wirelessly. Going one step further, VPN Haus recommends making sure you’re mindful of man-in-the-middle attacks which are all too common at hotspots. If you have a run-of-the-mill VPN client, chances are high that data packets are being allowed access to your device while the client authenticates you to the network. A better solution is to find a VPN client that forces the network to authenticate itself to your device. No data transfer and now man-in-the-middle.

What’s in the Windows 7 Firewall?
Deb Shinder previews the Redmond’s newest firewall and offers configuration tips. We have to ask, “With W7 pushing IPSec VPN on the masses, what good is a built-in firewall without central policy control”? Exhibit A: Agent Smiths’ post. The W7 firewall is, in effect, a personal firewall that the user, well, uses! We’re sure it’s a good firewall although we have to question the lack of central management.

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