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von VPNHaus | 12.03.2009 |Highlights

Raffy’s Computer Blog…
The Bad, The Ugly, and the Good
Given the current economy, Peter Kauper points out companies must leverage its IT spending, and plan accordingly. Trends have shown that hardware spending is down, while software is on the raise. What does this mean for the future of IT and security spending?

Lori MacVittie’s Blog…
4 Reasons We Must Redefine Web Application Security
Lori argues we have to stop debating where web application security belongs and go back to the beginning and redefine what it means in a web driven distributed world.

Around the Blogosphere…
Next Monday, March 16th, Cisco will launch its ‘United Computing’ data center strategy. There is much speculation that Cisco will use the event to unveil its data center blade servers, which sources say combine server, switching and virtualization in one integrated system.

Network World
Microsoft, Intel to back Cisco's "Unified Computing" launch
Although Cisco will not disclose any information yet, it is expected that Cisco will “show how its unified communications approach for the data center will run as one unified platform bringing together these different silos, allowing for lower cost of ownership, power utilization and improved performance”.

Rational Survivability
Sun vs. Cisco? I'm Getting My Popcorn...
Chris Hoff argues against Scott Lowe’s blog post, Is Sun Preparing to take on Cisco?. Chris not believes Cisco is getting in the server business, while Scott believes Cisco is, and is ‘distracted’. We shall see Monday…

Cisco Data Center Networks Blog
Building a Better Blade Server - Network Style…..
Cisco made a post after much buzz saying it will not be building a blade server. “What we are doing with Unified Computing is so much more than just a blade server that even using terms like blade server in the same sentence with Unified Computing doesn’t do the architecture justice.” We’ll just have to wait and see on Monday.

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