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von VPNHaus | 12.02.2009 |Highlights

From PC Mag…
Is Windows 7 Ready for Prime Time?
Michael Miller highlights his thoughts on Windows 7 and gives us an update on where it stands. Of note, the VPN client issues he experienced with Cisco: “the Cisco VPN client wouldn't work. But following some steps I found on the indispensable sevenforums.com, I was able to get it working on the 32-bit version. (Warning: This is complicated and not recommended for most users.).”

From Rational Survivability…
Incomplete Thought: Support of IPv6 in Cloud Providers...
Windows 7 supports IPSec, and Microsoft is actively pursuing this route. This is destined to force changes to cloud vendors, as Christopher Hoff suggests.

From Ping WiFi…
American Airlines Gogo — Mixed Review in The Journal
American Airlines is now offering WiFi service to its passengers on longer, non-stop flights. Do network administrators have yet another new concern with security & VPN?

From Emergent Chaos…
"A Scientific R&D Approach to Cyber Security"
Argonne National Labs released a report on "A Scientific R&D Approach to Cyber Security". Adam Shostack raises two issues with the report-- it places mathematics on a pedestal, and goes so far as to refer to economic analysis as a 'metaphor', and there's no mention of the data acquisition problem. Do you agree with the issues Adam raises?

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