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von VPNHaus | 19.02.2009 |Highlights

Security networking issues were light this week; here are two conversation starters we think are a sign of things to come.

From Rational Survivability…
Microsoft's Windows Mobile moves: Too little, too late
Microsoft announced its My Phone at Mobile World Congress earlier this week (with more than 20,000 applications!). We see this, combined with the iPhone App Store and RIM’s soon-to-be-launched version, as the turning point for the ubiquitous adoption of mobile devices by the enterprise – more importantly, being driven by the user. Policy alone won’t be able to prevent the potential security issues network admin’s will soon have to grapple with en mass.

From ZDNet…
New Symbian-based mobile worm circulating in the wild
And what kind of security threats will mass adoption bring? VPN, portable drives and growing virus issues. It has been reported that “Sexy View” malware has a valid certificate signed by Symbian tricking the user into thinking it’s a legitimate application. Granted, these types of malicious code are not new, however what is interesting is the certificate piece. Combine this with the increasing efforts to solve the mass replication barriers, and you can see the potential headaches that are sure to arise.

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