What We're Reading, Week of 11/9

von VPNHaus | 12.11.2009 |Highlights

PC World…
Google's Free Airport Wi-Fi: Five Ways to Protect Yourself
Writer, Jeff Bertolucci shares with us Google’s generous gift of free Wi-Fi in 47 airports. While it may seem like a thoughtful idea it unfortunately opens users up for potential hacks if they are not careful. Jeff provides us with some helpful tips—an important one to highlight is no. 3—use a VPN, especially if you are accessing the Internet for business.

Update: H1N1 Drives Demand For Secure Remote Access
In this article Jaikumar Vijayan discusses how the H1N1 pandemic is motivating companies to upgrade their secure remote access capabilities. In case of an emergency, employees will be able to work from their homes and other remote locations. This has led to vendors of remote access technologies seeing an increase in demand for their products. As part of an effort to help companies support more teleworkers quickly, RSA has introduced an on-demand authentication system for companies to use to enable workers to securely log in from remote locations. Instead of hardware-based tokens, workers get one-time passwords sent to their mobile phones. Has your company invested in more remote access technology because of H1N1?

Independent "SMB IT Pulse" Benchmark Survey Shows SMB Workforce Mobility on the Rise
A recent study of small businesses by Logmein shows that 63 percent of non-IT managers say remote access services make their staff more productive. This proves that administrators need a simple management solution that is not complicated or expensive to maintain.

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