Security considerations in the classroom

von VPNHaus | 14.01.2009 |Endpoint Management, Posts

As NCP has recently been selected to provide end-point security solutions for California-based Marin Montessori School, we thought we'd take today's post to examine the unique IT security challenges for networks in educational environments.

In addition to the risks of compromising organizational data and IT assets, educational institutions have to worry about a growing list of illegal activities students can engage in online, for which schools are legally accountable. Certainly, there are budgetary considerations as well. Adopting too complicated a set of policies and technologies will result in inconsistent and ineffective implementation and enforcement - something most schools at the primary and high school level simply do not have the IT staff to manage.

For more on security in educational institutions, check out this article from Jim Carr in SC magazine:
IT security and education: Schools around the country find the right technology to protect networks

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