Notes from the Road: VPN in Action (Day 4)

von VPNHaus | 18.08.2009 |Posts, Rethink Remote Access

Greetings from Spokane, WA.  After completing an introductory training session in CA, René and Jens traveled north to WA, to give another VAR partner solution training and a NCP Secure Management System demonstration.  Overall, the partner was quite impressed with NCP’s technology.  Here are some of the highlights and lasting impressions from WA:

  • Administrative overhead is removed with setting up a remote access solution with the NCP Secure Enterprise Solution

  • NCP’s offering has the potential to run as a hosted service

  • Its hybrid gateway allows users to connect to both IPsec and SSL-based VPNs

  • The technology offers endpoint security enforcement capabilities (with the IPsec solution)

  • Real-life examples took place, rather than controlled lab conditions

  • Willingness to integrate NCP’s components in to the partner’s

As NCP’s travels come to a close, it has been great to chat with both René and Jens about their POCs and VAR partner training.  All good things must come to an end, and we hope you both travel back to the U.S. soon for more VAR partner training.

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