Notes from the Road: VPN in action (day 3)

von VPNHaus | 11.08.2009 |Posts, Rethink Remote Access

Today, René and Jens were in CA to bring a VAR partner up to speed with NCP’s full suite of VPN solutions. The focus of today was on training and demo installations. Not as action-packed as NY and OH, however, there was a lot of conversation about the flexibility, granularity and maturity of the technology.

Highlights included features overview and prepping for tomorrow’s demonstration of how the VAR partner could 'host' the VPN as a service for a customer, taking even the management part out of their hands: VPN as a service (can we coin the term VaaS?).

More to come later in the week as René and Jens finish up with the VaaS demo and then travel to WA for more VAR partner training.

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