Notes from the Road: VPN in action (day 2)

<br>The scenario? Check Point VPN solution was having troubles overcoming hotel connection issues for road worriers (with overlapping subnets or firewall preventing IPsec traffic) and they needed 64-bit XP and Windows 7 client support, combined with a des

The POC? Another full VPN install – right over existing Check Point gear. Starting with the NCP Secure Enterprise Client, René set up 64-bit XP users and by way of some nifty technology we’re not at liberty to discuss at the moment solved both the overlapping subnet hotel issue, AND users can now connect to the IPSec VPN behind hotel firewalls (more on this cool tech later).

Customer reaction?
A bold pronouncement of, “ooooh ahhhhh, I didn’t know a VPN could do all this!” (and more!) René explained the adoration generated from the central management, control and policy setting and personal firewall functions NCP’s 64-bit VPN "secure communication suite" solution provided. They also liked the tight iPass integration too. The big wow factor was the fact that NCP’s enterprise VPN solution adapted to every nook and cranny remote access need by the customer. The cookie cutter VPN is officially dead. The many possibilities and options the NCP solution as a whole offers allows for customized tailor-made setups to fulfill the unique requirements.

More next week when René visits CA to train two West Coast IT partners.

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