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von VPNHaus | 25.05.2009 |Posts, Rethink Remote Access

A while back we wrote a post about LogMeIn—a web-based remote access utility, which has been claimed to be sufficient enough to replace VPN solutions. Recently, an article in Inc., A New Way to Access Files Remotely, puts forth a similar line of reasoning. Inc’s Mark Spoonauer, states,

“…there's never a reason to be stuck without that critical file. With remote-access tools, you can log in through any Web browser, anywhere in the world -- even on a smartphone -- and work on a screen that looks exactly like your desktop at home.”

Using web-based solutions to access important information is not secure. Users run the risk of having their computers broken into and exposing their internal corporate network to Internet users. GoToMyPC, another web-based remote access utility, allows users to drag and drop files between machines and share their desktop with someone miles away—all without disclosing any log-in information. Company IT departments are then unaware of who is accessing their networks.

Although these tools are convenient and serve the purpose of quick and easy access to the network, it is not by any means secure, and certainly not secure enough to replace VPNs altogether.

Hannah Steiman, Editor, Inc., tweeted the other day:

“What remote access software do you use? Tell us what you use and why you like it. We'll run the best comments in Inc. http://bit.ly/aN5bC

Tweet her back, and share with her what remote access solution you use. Hopefully its something more secure than web-based remote access utilities.

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