64-Bit VPN Market Choices

von VPNHaus | 02.06.2009 |64-Bit, Posts

Read an interesting post last week on VPN clients– Brazell, like many other users are frustrated with the little support of 64-bit VPNs. This is a big issue, especially since Intel is pushing its Core i7, which is 64-bit. As we all know, where Intel goes, so does the PC market. With people are purchasing new computers, they are obviously opting for the latest and fastest machine, but are later finding their VPNs are not compatible.

There are only two 64-bit compatible VPNs on the market—NCP engineering and Shrewsoft. Brazell tried the NCP Secure Entry Client, liked the product, found “the UI [to be] much cleaner, it [ran] a lot better, and purports to be more secure”. With only two options available to users, some are turning to freeware. While freeware is an interesting idea, it is not ideal for enterprises. Has anyone tried either or both products? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on freeware for VPNs.

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