WLAN Mesh on a VPN?

von VPNHaus | 26.11.2008 |Posts

We noticed an article in InformationWeek recently on the subject of WLAN Mesh:

WLAN Mesh Moves Into New Territory:

“Enterprise mesh's benefit is clear: pervasive connectivity throughout the organization. Unbound by the constraints of copper or fiber, wireless mesh enables enterprises to deliver ubiquitous access and services to parts of their facilities that previously were untouchable by their wired architectures, while managing it as a subset of their overall wireless architecture.”

Mesh is used primarily over close geographic distances; a neighborhood, office park, or large office building. Connecting to a mesh network from a VPN seems to run into a couple of issues:

  1. When you roam from node to node, does your VPN client need to re-establish connection and authenticate?

  2. How do you manage a corporate network over a mesh in a large office park or building? The Mesh Networks Research Group seems to suggest that this would be a management nightmare with SSL. Meanwhile, this video explores some larger considerations for security strategy over a mesh network.

The impact of WLAN Mesh on VPNs is clear… but how do you deal with it? Has anyone had to rethink their strategy? We’re interested in hearing any and all insights or feedback.

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