What we're reading, week of 8/25

von VPNHaus | 25.08.2008 |Highlights

From Endpoint-Security.Info...
Insider Compromises 2 million Private Records
Agent Smith examines the tale of Countrywide Financial Corp., and an insider who sold customer information to competitors over the course of three years. Could Countrywide have prevented this by updating their security practices to include monitoring data transfers to portable devices?

From Network Security Blog...
Force Gmail to use HTTPS
Martin McKeay explains how users can protect themselves from having Gmail login data stolen when using a  public network. "Gmail has been capable of running on SSL for quite some time, but it’s not something that’s enabled by default." It will be interesting to see how Google responds to this discussion - whether they'll change the defaults ettings or offer some justification for not automatically running on SSL.

From Amrit William's Blog...
The 11 Worst Ideas in Security
Amrit calls out the top 11 banes of the security world, which include analysts, passwords, and yes - security vendors.

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