What we're reading, week of 8/18

von VPNHaus | 18.08.2008 |Highlights

From 360 Degree Security…

Competitors Can Be Civil

Tyler Reguly reflects on recent experiences at Blackhat and DEFCON, and discusses how competitive vendors in the security space find common ground.


From Emergent Chaos…

Certifiably Silly

Adam Shostack discusses the failings of SSL in a response to a post by Michael Barrett about Firefox 3.0 and self-signed certificates. In a later followup (I'm Certifiably Wrong), Adam responds to readers’ comments.


From Zero Day…

Security vs. convenience: Apple chooses poorly

Guest-blogger Oliver Day writes about Apple’s absurd practice of asking users to divulge their administrator passwords when bringing machines in for repair. Readers debate in the comments section over whether this practice is a) necessary, or b) a problem at all.

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