What we're reading, week of 8/11

von VPNHaus | 11.08.2008 |Highlights


IPsec 101

Ian McGowan gives a high-level primer on IPsec, and lays out his plans for more detailed posts in the future.


From Security Fix…

Wireless Awareness: Don't Be A Sheep

Brian Krebs writes about Black Hat’s “Wall of Sheep” and comments on the failure of security professionals to follow some of the most basic tenets of wireless network security.


From Slashdot…

DNS Flaw Hits More Than Just the Web

Slashdot reports from Dan Kaminsky’s presentation at Black Hat, that the earlier reported DNS vulnerabilities may be even more dangerous than expected. “Besides hijacking web browsers, hackers might attack email services and spam filters, FTP, Rsync, BitTorrent, Telnet, SSH, as well as SSL services.”


From IT Security…

Black Hat Talks Pulled After Industry Pressure
Several planned talks from Apple experts have been pulled from the Black hat agenda at the last minute, presumably because they would reveal exactly the extent of DNS vulnerabilities described above

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