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von VPNHaus | 07.07.2008 |Highlights

From Reliable Systems…

Remote Access for Everyone

This post touts the virtues of SSL VPNs, and describes some of the common historical failings of IPSec solutions: Installation, Compatibility, and Portability. We’ll be writing more soon about when/why each solution has merit. Meanwhile, do you think this an accurate rendering of the most pressing set of issues facing the mobile workforce, or are there other barriers to access/effectiveness we should be considering?


From Security Fix (at WashingtonPost.com)…

Apple iPhone Four Months Behind OS X in Patches

Brian Krebs reveals that (presumably in their haste to release the new version of the iPhone) Apple has failed to make the last four months worth of OS updates available to iPhone users – who have been led to expect that the iPhone will receive critical security updates every week.


Bloggers from near and far have latched onto this story. Two interesting posts in response to the above are from Ryan Naraine at Zero Day (Apple caught neglecting iPhone security) and Peter at the Mac Security Blog (Apple Not Issuing Security Fixes for iPhone).

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