What we're reading, week of 7/28

von VPNHaus | 28.07.2008 |Highlights

One story has reigned supreme on the blogosphere this week: Dan Kaminksy’s DNS vulnerability discovery, Matasano’s accidental (?) explanation of the details, and the resulting community fallout over the ethics of blogging about security.


From the Network Security Blog…

It’s all out there

Martin McKeay gives a good synopsis of the situation so far, and describes the efforts Matasano’s Thomas Ptacek has taken to apologize to the community at ChiSec.


From Matasano Chargen…

Regarding The Post On Chargen Earlier Today

Meanwhile, Ptacek has posted an explanation and apology on the Matasano blog.


From Errata Security…

The DNS is falling

A discussion of the implications this vulnerability has for ISPs and users – and which solutions will and will not mitigate the risk.


From Zero Day…

Microsoft joins ‘patch DNS now’ chant; Apple patch missing

ZDnet’s bloggers discuss the industry reaction to finding out about these vulnerabilities, and takes Apple to task for failing to respond with urgency.


From Rational Survivability…

The DNS Debacle In Poetic Review

Chris Hoff comments on the DNS fiasco in an epic series of rhyming couplets.

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