What we're reading, week of 11/24

von VPNHaus | 24.11.2008 |Highlights

From Tao Security...
Don't Fight the Future
Richard Bejtlich discusses his predictions for the future of IT security. Among his projections: every device will be able to communicate with every other device; every device must protect itself; Intranets and VPN connections will disappear. Do you think Bejtlich has missed the mark on any of these predictions?

From Emergent Chaos...
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Adam calls attention to two prominent news stories of internal organizational data leakage. "There's a couple of things happening here. The first is that everyone who works in an organization with lots of personal data knows that snooping has gone on forever. But organizations are changing their approach. They are now starting to audit and address that snooping."

From Schneier on Security...
BNP Database Leaked
Bruce Schneier points us to another story of data leakage, from the British National Party, and speculates on what the implications of this leak might means for some of the party's members (who may have wanted to remain discreet).

From TaoSecurity...
A two part series. In part one, Managing Security in Economic Downturns, Richard Bejtlich outlines seven requirements for managing security in a dissicult economic climate. In part two, Reading on Justifying Security Operations, he compiles an excellent set of external resources on this topic - specifically related to security value-measurement and metrics.

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