Vista x64 VPNs

von VPNHaus | 15.08.2008 |64-Bit, Posts

Says ZDNet's Ed Bott in a recent post about Vista x64...

Readers report problems with VPN clients from Check Point, SonicWALL/Aventail, and Cisco. Microsoft has compiled information into Knowledge Base article 929490, Windows Vista-compatible third-party virtual private network (VPN) client schedules. The article, whose Last Review date is listed as November 5, 2007) includes an awful lot of “Unknown” entries in the x64 column and notes that Cisco has no plans to update its VPN Client. The release notes for the June 2008 VPN Client 5.0 release makes it clear in two places that only 32-bit Windows versions are supported.

Indeed, VPN support has been a major weakness for Vista x64, which is why NCP has designed their VPN client for compatibility with Vista and other 64-bit operating systems.

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