LogMeIn is not a viable VPN alternative

von VPNHaus | 13.08.2008 |Posts, Rethink Remote Access

Saw a post recent on Download.com about LogMeIn, a web-based remote access utility that the author claims "makes an excellent case for ditching the VPN entirely."

Truly, LogMeIn is not really a VPN… it’s a (fancy) remote desktop by the looks of it. It’d never fly with customers who require security, as it requires a third party to be involved.   A convenience solution surely; but not "network" connectivity. 


If you have a SSL VPN Gateway (with remote desktop component, or screen-scraping possibilities like AEP has [translating the remote desktop app. to a browser capable app. – very neat technology) you can do the same thing without the middleman!  You basically can do the same with Remote Desktop directly if you know how to configure your router correctly to do so.  We wouldn’t like to use a solution like this, as one is entrusting others with access to our machine ‘at home’ or wherever.  It’s an ‘oursourced’ screenscraping solution by the looks of it.


“Essentially, I was using my work computer through a secure, encrypted connection, but without any of the obnoxious failures and hassles that come with running a VPN that affects my entire system," writes Seth.


This argument is weak.  But from an administrator’s standpoint, or security officer’s standpoint this would NOT be a good idea, as the “hassles” referred to there are security policies!


You even see it’s being used to circumvent security policies as one of the responses says: “I've been using LogMeIn for a year or so now. I'm a student at a high school with a lot of blocked proxies, so I connect to my computer at home through log me in and surf away.”


Convenient? Certainly. But not a viable alternative to a VPN.

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