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Managing a VPN connection? Pat it down!

Had an opportunity to speak today with Rene Poot at NCP, about how endpoint security "pat-downs" work, using NCP's Secure Enterprise client, gateway, and management system. This is slightly different...


Security, privacy, and taxes

As if paying taxes wasn't bad enough...

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VPN vendor-lock in Windows 7

For all of the good news about Windows 7, one issue has come to light as a major stumbling block for enterprises - especially from a security standpoint.


Data Privacy Day

According to Intel, today is Data Privacy Day. From their website:

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Secure Entry Client Version 9.1

This week, NCP announces the North American availability of the latest version of our IPsec VPN Secure Entry Client for Windows (XP and Vista/32/64-bit, Windows 2000). Version 9.1 includes several new...

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Security considerations in the classroom

As NCP has recently been selected to provide end-point security solutions for California-based Marin Montessori School, we thought we'd take today's post to examine the unique IT security challenges...

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More on PCI DSS

Pursuant to our recent discussion of PCI DSS issues, we wanted to spotlight another great resource:

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Great 64-bit resources

Since we've been highlighting issues and insights in Vista 64-bit security, we thought we'd send readers off for the holidays with a link to a great resource on that topic:

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PCI DSS VPN issues

Received an interesting message from an end user the other day...

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The Good and Bad in 64-Bit Vista

We've written before about the trouble with VPN support for Vista x64. This week in PC Magazine (syndicated to ExtremeTech), Michael Miller discusses again the surprises users may encounter when using...

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